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Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat
The Environment
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Trekking and open air life

Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat & Touring : Naturally... shoulder your rucksack!


Suggestive views, perfumes and colours which calm your soul. Ideal destination for the one who lives intensively his tie with nature. For the one who loves to be immersed in a regenerative nature,in flavours of an ancient and full of traditions region. Discovering countless routes.  .For tourists, for nature trekking and touring lovers. For families who wish to spend a good quality time in a magic parents-children atmosphere. For you all and for anybody wishing that, Monte Prat region has no space without a place to be explored. Crossed by more than 40 KM of scheduled CAI tracks, you can enter into a free from pollution nature and be enchanted by unlimited areas. The ideal destination for a  regenerative trekking.


For the one who loves outdoor and open air life there are a lot of possible routes. From Monte Cuar (1478 mt.) climbing, to routes which take in all the big Friuli hilly region . A great tracking net which lets you discover valleys, natural parks, enchanting lakes and antique small villages. Moreover at  the reception of Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat it will be possible to plan "made to measure"routes, customizable in according to each guest requirements. The reception remains at your complete disposal to give you any necessary information about routes.Remember that among various possible routes you can find:Lago di Cornino Natural Reserve,Geis e Riscjei (baskets and rakes),House of Rural Manual Skills, Castelraimondo Archaeological Park, Pakar's Ponds, Troi dal Ors (Bear's track),and Troi di Meni (Meni's track).


A holiday at Widespread Hotel Forgaria Monte Prat is a real immersion into nature, which dominates everywhere indisputable and offers wide chances of amusement, relax and entertainment to everybody. Ideal place for excursion routes,this hollow reserves an endless list of sport opportunities, suitable both to expert and to less trained people.
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