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Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat

The Environment

Tableland Monte Prat ........Naturally precious!


Monte Prat Tableland is a marvellous natural hollow placed at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Guarded among the magnificent Friuli mountains, Monte Prat Tableland overlooks the sweet view of the Friuli Plain, crossed by the King of Alpine Rivers: Tagliamento. Rare value by the wildlife point of view ,the Tableland claims a kaleidoscopic environmental mosaic .marked by the presence of the Cornino Lake Natural Reserve "glassy sheet with thousand shades".


Far from villages and towns fuss and frenzy, this place guards its history and traditions with discretion, revealing itself little by little only to an eye ready to grab, walking along the little villages, the perfume of ancient flavours and traditions.


Index of a perfect harmonic fusion between a man and its country ,tourism developed in total respect  of nature, and it knew how to increase the value of the traditions heritage from a contemporary point of view. Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat hospitality formula is its example.


Nature, unquestioned queen  of these places, strongly influenced inhabitants lifestyle and their rhythms. Staying in these places, in fact, you get the impression that time is suspended...slowed down, light years far from frenzy and high pressure engagement of modern life.

However a holiday here is an active holiday too. In fact sport activities in the open air are various, in more than  40 Km. of CAI  scheduled tracks in a unique and free from pollution environment.

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