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Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat

Albergo Diffuso

Lodging in a Widespread Hotel....the emotion of feeling at home


Albergo Diffuso: the comfort of a modern hotel within antique houses, independent, placed in ancient small villages. Past and present. A fine balance that this new tourist pattern could preserve. In order to increase the value of a territory and its historic,cultural and traditional heritage, that's why magnificent ancient houses, guardians of memories, are renovated and remodelled, preserving the original architectural structure.

In this tourist model it shows up the idea of management, which is different from a hotel for the uniqueness of its experience.

The guest is integrated in a sense of community which he feels part of. The reception is placed in a central position in relation to the lodgings and is available for any information. Shared areas, refreshment stalls, hotel services are assured(daily cleaning, assistance, linen changes) breakfast service in agreement with local restaurants.

A return to the past which is an ever increasing discovery of yourself. A different way of living your holiday which includes activities, food, and an environment free from pollution where the guest is involved. Increasing the value of environment in any cultural and natural way. A real offer for the many tourists searching for real emotions and feelings, in order to discover their own roots.


Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat: Naturally… genuine!


Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat, one of the first Albeghi Diffusi to be born in Friuli, is a unique reality in its kind,a precious thing about history and character. The story of these places left a deep mark in houses and holiday apartments of Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat. Forgaria, as many other little mountain villages, suffered in the past a huge emigration, partly due to the morphological features of its ground. The rough ground, with little soil and a lot of stones didn't make it easy to live in these places and so, about the 1950s,the inhabitants left these countries to find a better kind of living. Some decades later, the big 1976 earthquake in Friuli, did it worse. The area was almost completely abandoned.

When rebuilding, the value of the typicalness of the Monte Prat stables comes out clearly.


The houses which were on the tableland, were mostly rural, built with local stone. These buildings must not be missed. So they created "Monte Prat Protective Park"  thanks to what, nowadays, the peculiar stone must be used totally in any building or at least in mostly part of it. In this context  and above the rubble of their own history, in 2003 The Widespread Hotel Forgaria Monte Prat was born and today offers beautiful holiday houses for rent for  summer/winter holidays in Friuli or weekends in the mountains absorbed in rituals, customs, traditions, of this region.


Houses and apartments are within small villages worthy to be visited, in a free from pollution environment, in a genuine life which still follows the ancient rythms, marked by flavours, colours and perfumes which remind us for a moment of the past. You must not miss the tasting of the typical products of this land which have the taste and flavour of traditions.


Come and discover the thousands of advantages in lodging in our Widespread Hotel. It's much more than a hotel… It's your own home!


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