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Cornino Lake Regional Nature Reserve


Cornino Lake Regional Nature Reserve: a place that you absolutely must see!


The Cornino Lake Regional Nature Reserve was officially established in 1996. It covers a surface of 487 hectares and is located on the border between the Municipalities of Forgaria nel Friuli and Trasaghis, nestled between the Tagliamento River (Europe’s last braided river) and the Eastern Prealps. 


The Nature Reserve was named after the Lake which was formed during the retreat of the ice approximately 10,000 years ago. Visitors to the lake are always astonished by the transparency of its waters due to its subsurface flow which keeps the water temperature between 9-11°C all year round. The lake is just over 140 metres in length and 8 metres deep and has neither tributaries nor emissaries. There is a circular trail around the lake that is open all year. The trail presents no difficulties and is suitable to all levels of hiking skills. Other walking routes leading to the riverbed of the Tagliamento and areas surrounding the Nature Reserve begin here as well.


The Visitor’s Centre at Cornino Lake Regional Nature Reserve is the Reserve’s main reference point. A variety of itineraries depart from here and information is available regarding the many characteristics of the area and the events taking place there. Most of these initiatives are linked to the Griffon Vulture Conservation Project which began in the 1980s and is responsible for the establishment of a nesting colony as well as several scientific research and publication-related activities.


Currently, approximately 100 Griffon Vultures live and nest on the Nature Reserve although there are more in summer. Visitors can safely observe and photograph many of them at the Visitor’s Centre and admire other species of birds along the trails such as Eurasian eagle-owls, Ural owls, the little owls, kites, buzzards, kestrels, Golden Eagles and Eurasian sparrow hawks.    

The Visitor’s Centre hosts other animals on display such as the Horned Viper and smaller birds like blackbirds, Eurasian blackcaps, great tits, Eurasian blue tits, chaffinches, nightingales etc.


Admission is free of charge.
Lake from above The eagle owl symbol of the Reserve_picture of Marco Giordano Griffon in flight_picture of Marco Giordano Spectacle in the skies_picture of Marco Giordano Ural owl_picture of Fulvio Genero Viper by the horn Lake of Cornino_picture of Fabio Iardino Under the surface_picture of Davide Vezzaro The underwater christmas on the evening of 24 December_picture of Fabio Iardino A little piece of paradise at kilometer zero_picture of Molinaro Elia Young Griffon with parents_picture of Fulvio Genero Griffon on power point_picture of Fulvio Genero Visitor Center_picture of Fulvio Genero Griffon_picture of Franco Sala Real horn_picture of Alessandro Laporta Small bird s at the visitor center_picture of Alessandro Laporta The lake of Cornino has the shape of a heart_picture of Fabio Iardino A young owl